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Hello everyone! This Friday I’m taking a rest day but I’d like to share a new tool I’m using to track my progress. I recently signed up for Body Space on which is a fitness social network that also

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Tonight i am going to have my last energy drink for quite some time. My newest food goal is to transition to only drinking water. Energy drinks are one of my weaknesses, I usually have them 3 or 4 times

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Getting Back Into The Groove

On Friday I hit the weight room as the start of mixing up my fitness routine. It’s been over a month since I’ve lifted in that room but it felt wonderful. I have gained more strength than I imagined and

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Pumping it up!

Tonight was another session of body pump. As I was going through the tracks, my mind kept telling me you can put on more weight than this. I didn’t push myself as much as I could have but I know

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Mid Week Quick Update

Last night I went to Body Flow and was finally able to do a bow pose! My flexibility is slowly increasing and I feel overall more limber. Tonight was another fun session of Body Pump where Increased my lunge weight to match

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Rest Day: Short Post

Well I decided to shake up routine a bit and make today my rest day for the week. On Sunday I am going to my first Body Flow class as well as my regular lifting routine. Have any of you

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Adding To The Routine

Yesterday I went to my first Monday night body pump class. There is a different instructor on Monday’s but she encouraged everyone to push themselves which I enjoyed. Monday night pump is going to be part of my regular routine

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