Tonight i am going to have my last energy drink for quite some time. My newest food goal is to transition to only drinking water. Energy drinks are one of my weaknesses, I usually have them 3 or 4 times per week. This is going to be tough but I’m confident I can do it.

Today I started a second round of TRX classes and I’m soooo excited about it. TRX really helped build up my core strength, I can now plank for over 30 seconds! Hopefully when I’m done with this round I’ll be able to plank for over 60 seconds. I feel much more optimistic about working out than my last post. I’m now in a rhythm where I’m enjoying going to the gym and actually look forward to it while I’m at work.

This weeks progress photos are below as always. Have a wonderful week everyone!




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5 comments on “Progress
  1. Mrs. Brown says:

    Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  2. Great work! Not sure what TRX is but I’ll assume it’s something powerful. I had a terrible holiday break. Desserts are my weakness, plus too much wine. Now I’m back with the personal trainer and nearly back to my target weight (target favourite little black dress, more like because I don’t weigh myself). It’s hard for me to stay motivated to go to the gym and now that I’m older the weight seems to creep back on more quickly, darn it! So I’ve found a PT is a great motivator – but I can’t afford it any more, so I’m back to gym classes. Keep at it and you’ll do a minute planking in no time!

    • Thanks! I feel your pain about sweets, can seem to keep away. I’m happy to hear your back at the gym. How often do you go?

      • Hi, not enough! Usually a couple of times a week and if I’m feeling super energetic maybe 3 times. I do walk my dog regularly, though. I see my PT once a week normally but this is changing as of the end of the week as i can’t afford the quite high fees anymore. I do a kind of cross fit program so I am super fit and have good stamina (2mins planking not unusual) and I’ve done boxing in the past which is awesome! I’ll be searching out the boxing and cross fit programs at my new gym, as soon as I decide which one to join. These are the best for me: they’re fast, high intensity and get really great results quite fast.

  3. 43fitness says:

    GREAT work!!! Water is an excellent option, of course! I have also discovered some really cool low calorie fruit enhanced drinks by Target’s brand Simply Balanced. Lots of flavors, about 20cal per bottle and sweetened with Stevia.

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