Progress And Looking Forward

The holiday season has hit me pretty hard and I’m struggling to eat clean. All of the sweets, pastries, and beverages have gotten to me somewhat, I’m still managing to get to the gym 3-4 times a week. In my last post I started a goal to do a pull up by christmas which I’m hoping will still happen. After my Body Pump session this evening I did some work on the pull up bar at home and am happy to report that I was able to do 2/3rds of a pull up. Only about an inch or two separates me from my goal so one of my christmas presents will hopefully be reaching this goal.

Looking forward to 2014 I have signed up for my local Spartan Sprint in August, which is the same race I did last year and I’m going to train my ass off to complete this one in under 2 hours. For those of you new to my blog the Spartan Sprint I did last August was about 4 miles with around 30 obstacles.

Crossfit has also been on my mind a lot lately, it looks really fun but after looking at how intense the workouts are I’ve decided that I need to train more before I try a class. By this time next year I will try Crossfit and work it into my fitness routine. Have you tired Crossfit? Did you like it? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Finally, here are my latest progress photos. Like I said earlier, I have been indulging in all the holiday food and I think it shows a little but I’m still at it and will work extra hard to achieve these goals in the new year! 🙂


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3 comments on “Progress And Looking Forward
  1. garagegym107 says:

    Stay the course. You can do this. I just posted a blog about the crash and burn that often comes with the holidays and some helpful, and very direct thoughts on how to get back in the groove. Hang in there and thanks for reading my blog!

  2. 43fitness says:

    I think we all feel you about the holidays! I too have had my struggles and forced myself to wear shorts to the gym today to assess. It’s not awful, but I’ve slipped a little too, but am on it to get back to where I was a few months ago. Just keep at it. This whole thing is a journey with peaks and valleys. The keep is to stay consistent and patient. You WILL be doing a pull-up by year end, if you haven’t already 🙂

  3. Ooh, I hear you! I’m slipping badly, too, enjoying far too much delicious champagne and desserts and not exercising quite enough. On the other hand, cross fit exercise is fast, furious but lots of fun too. It’s a great way to drop kilos and get super fit. I have a PT, so I didn’t realise that what I’ve been doing mostly is cross-fit. You can work at your own pace, too.

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