Progress Photos & A New Fitness Goal

Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since i’ve updated so I thought tonight would be a good opportunity to give you a quick update. I am still consistently working out 4-5 times a week despite my busy schedule. As mentioned in my last post, my grad school diet has been more “college” like than my undergrad but I’m working on it. Hannah and I have talked about our recent eating habits and we would both like to make an effort to eat healthier. In an effort to hold myself accountable to this goal I am going to start posting some of my meals on here. I would also like to hear what kind of healthy meals you are having throughout the day especially on the go since this is one of my largest problem areas.

Aside from food I also have a new fitness goal! Today I purchased a pull up bar and am going to start working on doing pull ups. As of today I cannot do a single pull up and have been nervous to attempt them at the gym in front of people. Do any of you do pull ups? If so how did you begin building your upper body strength to do so? How would you recommend I begin? My current technique involves hanging from the bar and lifting my legs above the ground. It’s a little hard to explain, maybe i’ll post a video to better illustrate my attempts.

Below are my latest progress photos. I’m making progress but have quite a ways to go 🙂 Have a great start to your week everyone.


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3 comments on “Progress Photos & A New Fitness Goal
  1. OrganicREADY says:

    Hey, it’s been a minute, I agree! Keep up the good work. Pullups are hard for me too, I can’t do that much. You can build upper arm strength also by doing pushup and planks. I’m excited for you.

  2. Ice_Badger says:

    Hi there 🙂 I have just found your blog…I would love to be able to do a pull up (and a handstand press up) but itis a long term goal of mine. Start with 1 armed rows, and inverted rows to build up strength 🙂
    here is a post that I love that explains it much better than me 🙂

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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