Bringing Up The Rear – What A Difference A Year Didn’t Make

We all want that booty of our dreams right?


Interesting.  I’m looking back at my original post, Bringing Up The Rear, and realize that it was published almost a year ago. An entire year.  Wow, that is really telling – see?  Documentation is everything because it really puts things into perspective.

If you read that post last October, you know that I was frustrated with that nagging, sagging body part.  I was even so dedicated to make change that I created a haiku this past spring to fuel my determination.

Well I’m sorry to report that not much has changed since my original quest began.  I amped it up for a while, with OK progress, but then slipped into The Slacking Season, so I’m clearly not where I wanted to be in a year’s time.

I apologize for the grainy selfies, but you get the idea.  The orange suit pic is Oct, 2012 and the grainies were taken yesterday.

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