My first interview :)

Earlier this week Haley over at the soul stories blog emailed me to ask if she could interview me. I was very honored and agreed to answer her questions. This gave me a huge confidence boost, I’m so happy and can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow (taking today off because it’s my birthday). Please check out my story as well as the rest of her posts here I’m off to enjoy the rest of my extended birthday weekend. I’ll get you all back up to speed on my workouts tomorrow. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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5 comments on “My first interview :)
  1. Happy birthday and congrats on being interviewed!

  2. Jenny Baird says:

    I read the interview. Very cool! I often wonder if my fuzzy head aches I get are caused by a food allergie so I am always aiming to eat as “clean” as I can handle. I do notice the more veggies and fruit I eat instead of ANY type of processed food (even if it is “healthy”) I do feel better. It is an ongoing experiment. Anyhow…I am excited to hear more about your progress and Happy Birthday!

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