Quick Progress Pictures

I’ve had a really busy and fun weekend but wanted to make sure I took some progress photos so you can find those below. In my last post I also said that I was taking a rest day which turned out to be today, yesterday I rode my bike for several hours which was a great lower body workout and cardio. Me and Hannah also just got back from the store with our weekly groceries. I got a new type of protein powered which I’m looking forward to trying, I usually get Vega but this time I went with Plant Fusion. If you have any questions about my workout program, supplements, or anything feel free to ask, I love answering questions and hearing what you all are up to. That’s all for tonight, have a great start to your week. I’m off to snack on some farmers market cherries…..YUM!


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5 comments on “Quick Progress Pictures
  1. MichelleK says:

    Let me know how you like Plant Fusion. I don’t really care for the taste of Vega, unfortunately.

  2. 43fitness says:

    I’m loving the progress, keep up the excellent work!

  3. Triple Drop Training says:

    will be great to see the next progress report pics now that you’ve recently added cycling to your regime.
    Exciting stuff, keep it up!

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