Killing it & A New Coach

Wednesday was a pump day but I increased all my weights, especially my squat weight which felt amazing! Thursday I biked to work and underestimated how sore I would be from the previous evening, my quads were on FIRE! Despite this I made the round trip trek to work and felt good that I can get some fun cardio in whenever I want. Thursday was combat which I was also to push myself further than ever before which I loved, I think combat is my favorite of  the Les Mills classes. My punches and kicks arre increasing in intensity, now I just need to focus more on my footwork (my jump height and coordination).

Friday morning I had my first session with a new trainer/ coach. We went for a jog, stretched, and she gave me some homework (a daily exercise routine to add to my regular fitness regimen). Were going to meet once a week through June. She’s going to help me train for my Spartan Race in August. It also feels great to be blogging regularly. This weekend I’m going to do progress photos and possibly a video! So stay tuned!! 🙂

Oh and by the way this is my new bike, I love it!


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3 comments on “Killing it & A New Coach
  1. dessicab says:

    I love Combat too! Will this be your first adventure race?

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