Getting Back Into The Groove

On Friday I hit the weight room as the start of mixing up my fitness routine. It’s been over a month since I’ve lifted in that room but it felt wonderful. I have gained more strength than I imagined and was able to have an awesome fully body lifting session.

On Saturday my parents and spouse surprised me with an early birthday present, a new bike. I was super excited and rode around town. Tomorrow morning I am going to start riding my bike to work every day all summer. It’s only a 6 mile commute round trip but it should be good and fun exercise.

Today I also hit the weight room and had a killer session. My arms are still on fire. I’m so excited to report that I’ve fallen in love with fitness all over again. For the past couple weeks I was considering giving up the gym but I persevered and made myself go when I didn’t feel like it. Now that my new gym routine is falling into place me and Hannah are going to start working on shifting our diets into the right direction. Il keep you all posted about the delicious, healthy foods we decide to try. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and start to the short work week 🙂

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3 comments on “Getting Back Into The Groove
  1. Colin DeWaay says:

    Glad to hear you are back at it, I knew you would! Happy B-Day too!

  2. He, it’s easy to slump! You’ve done great so far and you should be really proud of your perseverance and your results speak for themselves. Don’t give up the teaching, too – it’s hard at first, but like everything you’ll develop confidence in it once you’ve experienced it a few more times. You’ll learn to love it! Congrats on your journey so far – I look forward to seeing your next few months!

  3. Malin says:

    Happy birthday and glad to hear you are back!

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