Rest Day

I lifted/ did Body Pump on Monday and last night so I took today as a rest day. The plan is to start my routine mix up by hitting the weight room tomorrow with a full body work out. It’s been over a month since I’ve been in the weight room so I’m interested to see where my strength level it. Very soon I am also planning on getting a bike and start riding to work which is about 3 miles each way, in addition to mixing up my lifting routine I’d like to add more cardio which I skip more often than I should. Since my last post I have gotten over my frustration hump and have been happy to be in the gym the 2 days I’ve been so far this week.   Thanks everyone for encouraging me to not give up on my fitness goals, you all are the best!

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2 comments on “Rest Day
  1. Triple Drop Training says:

    cycling to work is an excellent idea, it will take you over the tipping point onto even better conditioning.
    Best invest in a pair of cycling shorts with padding, us chaps need a bit of cushioning down there. A high-vis jersey is useful too.

  2. The faster you perform it, the more momentum there
    is, which lessens the tension on the abs. Engaging
    the abs properly can be tricky, especially
    the lower abs as they can be hard to reach with most exercises.
    Never in a million years would you think to do these exercises in order
    to get great abs.

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