After starting working out about 6 months ago, I have reached my first major plateau 😦 This has been pretty disheartening and I’m not sure where to go from here. This is unfortunately the theme of my workouts the past week or so.

Teaching classes has proven to be more stressful that I thought so I have decided to take a break in order to better work on myself. Increasing my weight in Body Pump is something that needs to happen but I’m thinking I should hit the weight room to push past this wall. This is all very stressful. Stress has also led to less intense workouts and eating a lot of pizza. I can see my fitness starting to slide but I want to progress. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated? 

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9 comments on “Plateau
  1. I think you just need to change up your workout! Anytime I have hit a plateau I usually was doing the same thing all the time. Add more weights or heavier weights. I try to switch my routine every couple of weeks. Also sometimes it is a diet things. Nutrition is 80% of weight loss. Less pizza lol I know it is tough but if you want it bad enough you can do it!!

  2. MichelleK says:

    It happens. Hitting the weight room might be a good change of pace for you. Sometimes, mixing things up is the best way to deal with plateaus.

    Here is a blog entry I wrote a while ago that you might like.

  3. Triple Drop Training says:

    For starters, with your diet: defy what your instincts tell you to, if you need to comfort eat do the opposite. It takes practise, but now whenever I want to comfort eat I’ll force myself to eat as healthily as possible. Otherwise a few days of bad eating becomes a few weeks and it’s back to square one.
    You’ve been flat out for ages now, reaching a plateau was inevitable. Not sure if the branded fitness concepts like Bodypump factor-infor ‘plateaus’ or burnout.
    I’m on week-8 of my own program right now and yesterday’s workout was mostly rubbish. I new that I needed to back-off for a week, but I thought it wasn’t going to happen for at least another week or more.
    Now I know that for the rest of the week I’m going to have to train a lot lighter, get to bed earlier, eat lots of greens etc.
    Then next week, and definitely by the week after, I’ll be progressing again.
    Definitely use this week to try something different, lift some weights, go for some brisk walks in the park with your wife.
    Maybe devote at least one workout a week to the weights room once you return to a more demanding routine again. Next time, maybe plan ahead for a rest week, perhaps late July, early August.
    Keep up the good work, it’s inspiring stuff.

  4. Colin DeWaay says:

    Stay strong my man, just remember how good it feels to do the right things. You don’t want to slip back into old habits, and you are at a dangerous point. If you give in and do things like eat a lot of pizza and stop working out and letting stress get the best of you, you’ll be in danger of starting all over again. Just keep doing the work, you’ll break the plateau. USUALLY a plateau just means you need to change something up. Your body adapts to what you are doing and if you don’t give it a reason to change it will stop changing. Whether that means you need to find new workouts or up the intensity or find a new macro split, just keep trying, something will work I guarantee you that!

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