Being A Shadow: Quick Post

Tonight I met with one of the Pump instructors half an hour before class to go over form one last time before my training this weekend. I now feel really confident in pushing my butt back and down during the squat track 🙂

During class she invited me up on stage to shadow her during the shoulders track, which is the 2nd track I’ll be presenting at training. Surprisingly being on stage wasn’t as scary as I thought, which is saying a lot from someone who was always afraid of giving presentations in high school. When class was over The instructor and members gave me a final good luck, my gym is so awesome. I couldn’t have even signed up for this training without my gyms support as well as all of you readers. My next 2 days will be filled with finishing my choreography and coaching memorization. I’m sooooo excited and nervous!!!

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4 comments on “Being A Shadow: Quick Post
  1. Exciting!!! Have fun 🙂

  2. Sarah C says:

    Good luck! You’ll have a great time this weekend. It’ll wear you out, but totally worth it – even more so once you get in front of your own classes eventually 🙂 Enjoy your training!

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