Long Time No Post

It seems like its been forever since I’ve post or read any of your wonderful blogs. Work and fitness has really taken over my life the past couple weeks, here’s a little info on what I’ve been up to.

Last weekend me and Hannah went on our monthly Portland trip and had amazing brunch.

Last weekend was also the opening weekend of our local farmers market so we stopped by to grab some produce and the most amazing jam EVER!
We used some of the food we bought to have some pretty wonderful Pad Thai.

Now onto fitness!!!!

On Monday night I got my Body Pump 85 instructor training video. Since then I have been spending a little time each day after my regular workouts to memorize the choreography. The tracks that I’m assigned for my training are 2 & 8, which are the squat and shoulder tracks. I personally love the squat track in general and was mostly just happy to hear that I wasn’t assigned the lunge track, by far my least favorite track in Pump.

On Monday night I also attended my regular Body Pump class, Tuesday was Body Flow, Wednesday Pump again, Thursday flow, Friday was a rest day. All of the instructors that I will be working with have been pushing me in their classes to go places I never thought I would go. This morning my challenge from the instructors was to complete the Body Pump and Body Combat launches back to back. I stood up and was able to do both clases but am sooooo tired. On top of all these challenged that they’ve been giving me has come the most incredible motivation/ encouragement.

After the launches this morning I went out to eat with a few of the instructors and gym members. It’s quite indescribable how I felt when another member said that I was inspirational to her. I feel amazing and can’t wait to be in training this time next week. Any of you that have done this kind of training before, do you have any tips?

I haven’t had time this week to make a video but I’ll try to put one out either before or right after my training weekend. Speaking of videos is there anything specific you would like to to cover, do you have any questions for me? Constructive criticism is also very welcome.

My weekly progress photos are below 🙂 I have been considering doing a figure competition once I have reached a higher level of fitness, maybe next year. Have any of you competed in a figure competition.


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12 comments on “Long Time No Post
  1. What a great feeling to be inspirational to another! You must be showing that you are kicking some serious butt…it certainly sounds like it! Love, love, love going to the farmer’s market. You are fortunate that your local market has started for the season.

  2. MichelleK says:

    I am looooving the squat and chest tracks from BP 85. I like the lunge track in this one as well. It will be interesting to see how people handle the plyo. I am going to give lots of options.

  3. HMCWriter says:

    Awesome! How are you feeling? That food looks delicious.

  4. OrganicREADY says:

    You’re on your way to meet your goal. Keep up the good work and stay motivated.

  5. Triple Drop Training says:

    just seen your pics, you appear to have taken several leaps forward with your progress over the last couple of weeks. Your face is noticeably leaner and your upper-back too. Have you tested your bodyfat ?

  6. 43fitness says:

    Nice work! It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you just allow yourself to try. You ARE an inspiration, keep it up!

  7. misselletea says:

    Well done! Once you pass the instructor training there will be no stopping you! I’ve yet to do an enjoyable body pump lunge track, it burns so much!

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