First Vlog!!!!!

*UPDATE* I just logged on to Facebook today and my gym announced my participation in the Body Pump instructor training. The word is definitely out now! I’m loving all the support*

Hey everyone, tonight I finally had the time to make a video blog entry. It’s just me reintroducing the blog as well as myself. Last night Hannah took some photos of me in new poses which I hope will be refreshing. I hope you all enjoy the video, If you have any comments please let me know. Should I continue to make weekly videos, do you have any questions or topics that you would like me to address is future videos? As always my progress pics are below. Have a great start to your week everyone 🙂

These are my progress photos for the week. These are also  the first that I noticed loose skin and a lot of stretch marks, I thought about not posting them but my body is a road map of my journey so I had to.


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6 comments on “First Vlog!!!!!
  1. You are doing a great job! Congratulations on making the decision to enrich your life with healthy habits and food. Your video was informative. It is a great tool to engage your readers. You are right about stretch marks too. They show your body has been “under construction” in some way…you are acquiring them the best way – through shrinking due to health-promoting changes! 🙂 Best of luck with your upcoming training courses as well.

  2. Holly J says:

    You look great! Good vlog too! And don’t work about the stretch marks. All warriors have scars:)

  3. Triple Drop Training says:

    Nice video, not surprised you didn’t enjoy gym class. Looking back I think the whole ‘letting kids pick teams’ etc was bordering on the sadistic. There was very little nurturing, I just switched off during my classes. Ironic given some of my sporting accomplishments, some of which occurred all of 2 years after leaving school. As for future vlogs, would love to hear more about what you eat. Also do you ever grow your own?
    Maybe we could start some transatlantic competition? not the usual who can grow the biggest, but maybe focusing more on the most varied and bountiful.

    • I haven’t grown my own food yet, I’m currently living in 2nd story apartment. One of my wife’s friends lives on a farm so we should start helping them. When we start planting I’ll be sure to blog about it. In this weeks video I talked a little about food but not as in depth as I would like. For a future video I’ll prepare a longer segment about what I eat, possibly a video tour of the co op.

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