Guess who doesn’t have a case of the Mondays? :)

In case you couldn’t get it’s ME!!!! I had a pretty mundane day up until around 4 pm. I hit the gym for Body Pump tonight and it was marvelous. I am squatting 20kg, dead lift/ clean and pressing 17kg and am beginning to get the hang of the plank track. Tonight I volunteered with one of my fellow pumpers to go up with the instructor and do tricep dips on the stage. Having peoples eyes on me as well as being front and center with an instructor was a feeling I can’t fully describe but I loved it. My Body Pump instructor training is a little over a month away so I figured that getting in front of the class during some of the tracks will be a nice transition from the back row where I stayed at the beginning of my group fitness days.

Mondays are also usually the day I post my weekly progress pics but this week i’m going to wait till Wednesday. I am also beginning to take a larger role is Hannah’s photography business so we took the plunge today and got her a new camera so I can use our current one during events we shoot. For any other photographers out there we got a Canon Mark III, were soooooo excited.

Have a great Monday evening/ night everyone. I’m off to get in the shower and enjoy my post workout protein shake (it’s more like protein pudding after going through the magic bullet).




One more thing that gave me a boost today Lisa at Random Encounters of an Inquisitive Mind nominated me for the Inspirational blogger award. Being nominated for this is wonderful and gives me fuel to keep working hard even on those days when the gym sounds less that pleasant. Thank you so much Lisa as well as all my readers, you all rule!!!!!

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3 comments on “Guess who doesn’t have a case of the Mondays? :)
  1. Jenny Baird says:

    Man I want to try a body pump class! That sounds awesome!

  2. jsresults says:

    Awesome work! Keep going!

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