Playing Around

Tonight Hannah got some new camera equipment she ordered online. After unwrapping everything I volunteered to help her test it out. Its been about 5 months since I started going to the gym consistently so this also documents a little mile marker 🙂

Last night I had a surprisingly relaxing session of body flow. My flexibility is improving at a nice pace. I can tell because I can actually do 95% of the moves now haha. Tonight was pump and I pushed myself harder than ever. It hurst to lift my arms above the keyboard but it was totally worth it. Here’s a few of the photos we took in the process of checking out the backdrops and lights.


We also enjoyed delicious mixture of tofu, broccoli, and potatoes. Today was a spectacular day!!!!!


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2 comments on “Playing Around
  1. im so proud of you, like always! next time, lets iron that backdrop though ❤

  2. Triple Drop Training says:

    thanks for giving me the idea of using a backdrop, it means I won’t have to tidy up before I take the next lot of photos.

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