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She's Losing It!

Control your mind  Willpower.  Self-discipline.  Mental Strength.  No matter what you call it, this ability to have the resolve to stick to your goals may sometimes be fleeting.

5 Tips to Improve Willpower:

1.  Eat Small Meals Throughout the DayRoy Baumeister, a psychology professor at Florida State University, reported lab findings that showed a link between blood glucose levels and the ability to maintain self-control.   This could in part explain why people trying to quit smoking or students studying for a test tend to snack more.  (Ah ha!  This explains why I crave chocolate when I do my taxes!)  Anyway, if you keep your blood glucose levels steady it is easier to control your impulses.  (Source:  New York Times.)

2.  Money.  Some businesses are beginning to offer incentives for their employees to lose weight.  Obesity increases medical insurance costs and decreases productivity.  One company, HealthyWage

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