March 10th Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Hannah and myself spend Friday night and Saturday in Portland. There are so many delicious gluten free vegan options in one city, it’s a little overwhelming but gives us an excuse to keep going back. Last night I did have a moment of weakness that I am a little sad about. I ate a few soft tacos at Taco Bell but I made it back to the gym today. My workout for the weekend was Body Flow this morning. Yoga and Pilates moves always surprise me with how challenging they are but I feel accomplished when it’s all over. After class I got introduced to another instructor I will be team teaching Body Pump with as well as a co owner of my gym. Everyone is so supportive in this new chapter of my journey, I can’t wait for training next month so I can start sharing the stage with these inspirational people.


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11 comments on “March 10th Weekend Update
  1. magnuminsp says:

    Don’t worry about your “moment of weakness”! When I was training, and this was back in the 80s, with a bunch of guys who were competitive body builders, one actually got to the semis of Mr. Florida, we always had a “cheat” day. You could eat anything you wanted. And believe me, we did!

    One of the biggest keys and an often overlooked one at that, is, to make sure you are eating things you like to eat. If you have to survive on eating weeds and dirt, I assure you, one day, you will revert to days gone by!

    I have to commend you on posting your progress pictures. I would post mine on my blog, but I don’t think many are interested in seeing pictures of a 52 year old body! My wife disagrees, but, I suspect it is time for her to visit the eye doctor!

    Keep pushing on……………..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. jsresults says:

    Keep making it happen man! Doing awesome!

  3. Jenny Baird says:

    Cheat days or meals are a must! When I did bodyforlife, I would have one day (which was Sunday for me) where I ate ANYTHING I wanted, and I did. Now, I have one free meal a week instead of a free day. This way, you can still enjoy anything you want once a week and not feel guilty about it because it is part of your program. You are doing great! A few tacos are no biggie ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You’re doing great! Always focus on the things you’re proud of doing, and forgive yourself the little slips.

  5. pegges says:

    I second magnuminsp’s reply! If you read my weight loss challenge blog posts, then you read that I encourage people to have one cheat meal day each weak. It is actually very very helpful for your weight loss! Sounds weird, but is true! Seems like you’re doing great yourself! keep it up.

    • pegges says:

      and I have one question… what made you choose to go vegan? just personal preference in general?

      • It was a decision me and my wife made together. After doing research and taking some classes we decided that we don’t trust/ want to support the meat industry. We discovered that most of the regulations that apply to organic produce don’t apply to organic meats. When we thought of free range chickens we thought of them getting to roam in a nice open field but it is only required to give them 3 square feet. I know a lot of people look down or disagree with our decision but it was the best decision for us.

      • pegges says:

        although I do not agree with the vegan diet, I certainly do not look down or judge people that made the decision to go vegan. everybody has their reasons for their life choices. I was just curious. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you.

  6. One Fit Mama says:

    Great job! Keep it up. Cheat days are necessary

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