Decisions, Decisions

I have been altering between Body Pump and Body Flow since Monday. This week has been wonderful, I feel sore and limber at the same time. Last night I had a talk with an instructor at my gym about becoming a pump instructor. She gave me a lot of great information and is going to support me throughout the process. This afternoon I registered for the initial pump certification training on April 20 & 21st in Seattle! If everything goes according to plan at that training I will return to my gym to create a video for Les Mills of myself teaching a class. After my video is approved by Les Mills I will be a certified Body Pump instructor. The instructor at my gym is going to let me co teach class with her until I feel comfortable enough to teach a class by myself. I am so excited and scared at the same time. Throughout my middle and high school careers I hated physical activity and often faked illness to avoid going to P.E class. In the past year I have made a total 180 on fitness, I am addicted and love it. So much that I am considering making fitness a career. Last month I applied to a masters program but now I’m considering fitness. After my certification I am going to take the next 6 months to really think about if I want to do the masters program and do fitness part time or do fitness full time and start a personal training certification. Soooooo much to think about, the future is full of possibilities. 

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6 comments on “Decisions, Decisions
  1. ufancy says:

    Such an awesome journey!

  2. Congratulations on your decision. You wouldn’t regret it 😉

  3. Malin says:

    That’s awesome…I’m sure you will be a great instructor with all that dedication!

  4. j! ayson says:

    Being an instructor sounds so exciting! To be able to motivate and lead others through a body pump class would be amazing. Keep us posted!

  5. That’s so exciting!! If you are considering becoming a personal trainer I’m doing the NASM program right now. The cost is $700, which is expensive, but honestly it is way cheaper than getting my broker’s license was. How much is the Body Pump certification? Whatever you pursue, good luck to you!

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