Group Fitness, FUN!

As I probably mentioned I have been trying out a few group fitness classes in the past couple weeks, body flow, body combat, this week possibly body step. The Les Mills classes are super fun and also push me to challenge myself each time. It also helps that the instructors at my gym are really great. Tonight was body pump and I increased my squat weight to 20kg!  My meeting on Wednesday about becoming a pump instructor helping me to push harder than I thought possible. I know I already talked about it last post but I’m just so excited. As always my weekly progress pics are below, have a awesome week everyone.


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7 comments on “Group Fitness, FUN!
  1. misselletea says:

    Have you tried Metafit? It’s high Intensity interval training using your own body weight. I won’t lie, it is tough, but it gives visible results within a couple of weeks. There is a massive feeling of personal achievement after each class as you noticably improve week on week. I love it!

  2. misselletea says:

    It IS good. I go through this cycle:

    1 day before class: Excited
    4 hours before class: Apprehensive
    5 minutes before class: Extremely Nervous
    Half way THROUGH class: Ugh, how will I last!!??
    Straight after class: WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Worth every emotion 🙂

  3. I am so proud of you.

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