Motivational Explosion!!!

Last night after Body Combat the instructor emailed me and said she was impressed with my ability/ progress in all of the classes I have been taking. She also asked if I would be interested in training to become a Body Pump instructor!!!! I was surprised and excited, I have always been kinda of quite and never thought I would consider anything like this. We are meeting next week to discuss everything. I’m pretty sure i’m going to go to do it. This will help me get to a fitness level I never thought possible as well as put me out of my comfort zone. Fitness has really become a passion of mine and helping others achieve their goals sounds very rewarding. I’ll keep you all posted πŸ™‚ SOOoooooo EXCITED

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22 comments on “Motivational Explosion!!!
  1. One Fit Mama says:

    That’s very exciting and a great compliment. Congrats!

  2. Colin DeWaay says:

    NICE! That’s so awesome you are obviously doin some serious work! Congrats!

  3. Malin says:

    That is the best compliment you can get! I think being asked to become an instructor says a lot about how you inspire others to push themselves that extra mile even if you don’t necessarily know that you are doing it yourself!
    Way to go!!!

  4. genellew says:

    That’s awesome!! Good luck!

  5. kymberleeee says:

    Congrats! I really love that whole company. I was training to be a body flow instructor for a while and took body pump and flow religiously. You should do it! Especially if you’ve found passion in it. Good luck!

    • I have been doing research about the company and they seem pretty wonderful. The instructor that asked me about starting the training teaches pump, flow, combat, and step. The classes are really fun and I think being an instructor would be awesome. It’s really going to push me out of my comfort zone for a while, I haven’t been in front of a crowd very often haha. Thanks for the support, Il let you know how it goes.

  6. That’s so great!!! Congratulations and I hope it works out πŸ™‚

  7. pallavisharma says:

    Congratulations…that’s an awesome compliment. I am quite sure you will be an inspiration for many. Can you elaborate a little about what one has to do to become a body pump instructor? Thanks!

    • I am going to attend a two day training next month where I will be evaluated and present a routine in front of experts. When I pass that portion I will have to video tape myself teaching a class and send it into Les Mills. If they approve my video I will be a certified Body Pump instructor. After your a certified instructor they send you a video/ cd with music and choreography every 3 months. Are you thinking about becoming an instructor?

      • pallavisharma says:

        I have been doing alot of the beachbody workouts and especially the insanity and asylum series. I have finished them all and redoing them. I have been quite interested in how their certification works. I do know about Les Mills as well. Their workouts are pretty good. I am glad your are pursuing your journey towards becoming a fitness instructor. It will serve you well πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the support, il keep everyone posted

  8. That’s very exciting. I can tell you from experience that being a trainer or instructor is so rewarding and unlike any other job. I hope you have much success!

  9. MichelleK says:

    Very cool! I am a Body Pump and RPM instructor. I trained on BP 65 almost 5 years ago.

  10. levysara says:

    I love bodypomp class – I used to take in at Gold’s Gym in Venice before my wrist injury. I think it’s so great that we can show the world that we can have fit bodies without harming any animals. I’ve been a vegan for about a year and I feel great. I will be following your posts!

  11. heehee111 says:

    That is great- love your blog- very inspiring!

  12. Congratulations! What a huge compliment as well as some added motivations. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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