Rest Day: Short Post

Well I decided to shake up routine a bit and make today my rest day for the week. On Sunday I am going to my first Body Flow class as well as my regular lifting routine. Have any of you tried Body Flow? Did you enjoy it? Yesterday I went to Body Pump which was challenging as always. The workouts never get easier, I can feel myself getting stronger every week.

I have also reached a milestone in my blogging career. I now have over 100 followers!!!! Wow, thank you so much for following me. Knowing that people actually read my post keeps me motivated, especially on those days when the gym doesn’t sound very appealing.

Tonights dinner was a delicious stir fry. I also tried a new brand of kombucha, which is my new favorite drink, it’s made locally in Olympia 🙂 If you haven’t tried kombucha I recommend it but beware that it is an odd taste at first. Have a great Friday and weekend everyone.Image





Shortly after I posted this I felt the urge to go to the gym so I went. I think I’m addicted, theres nothing like the feeling after a good workout. As I walked into the gym the body pump instructor from last night was getting ready to teach body flow and said I should try it. My first body flow class went very well, I feel super relaxed and my body aches at the same time 🙂 It looks like il have to find something new to post about on sunday.

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4 comments on “Rest Day: Short Post
  1. OrganicREADY says:

    Wow! That looks great!

  2. saracastic says:

    Yumm that looks so delicious!

  3. Holly J says:

    Congrats!!! Those noodles look hella good!

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