Busy Busy Busy

This weekend was crazy busy. Friday night me and Hannah went out with my family to a local restaurant that specializes is vegetarian/ vegan dishes. It was an interesting experience to say the least. It was very crowded, a small restaurant, and the restaurant didn’t seem to be used to parties over 4 people. An hour and a half later we got a table and 2 free appetizers because we waited so long. Me and Hannah love this place and will be back 🙂

Saturday morning was body pump which killed both our thighs. We both increased our squat and lunge weights. The instructor switched up the workout which was a nice change but the best part of the class for me was when I was able to make it through the bicep track without stopping.

This morning my family wanted to see us again so we went to one of our favorite brunch spots. This time is was a much faster wait and I had the most amazing gluten free blueberry walnut pancake!!! The rest of the day was spent finishing essays for my MPA application. I was able to fit in a workout about an hour ago and am finally having a relaxing sunday evening. Here’s my weekly progress pictures. 




Oh YA…..I almost forgot to mention Hannah has been out of control in the kitchen and made some amazing meals. Heres a few pictures of what we have been enjoying lately. 


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9 comments on “Busy Busy Busy
  1. fitbit8 says:

    That cake looks amazing!

  2. You’re doing great and how awesome that she’s cooking such great meals for you!
    Keep on keepin’ on, man!

  3. jsresults says:

    Your food looks soo good! Keep pushing it man your doing great!

  4. j! ayson says:

    All that food looks amazingly delicious! Always nice to get a workout in and be able to relax for the rest of the evening!

  5. uberdish says:

    I love the look of Hannah’s meals! May I ask what the dish is that resembles a lasagna? Yum – and that cake! I totally feel like I need a body pump class. Wish I had something like that close to where I live. All the best!

    • That’s vegan lasagne. I love body pump. Do you do any weight training?

      • uberdish says:

        I want that vegan lasagna right now! I used to do a body pump class when I lived in the city. I absolutely loved it. I’ve been reminding myself to join the gym again (unfortunately, they don’t offer body pump). In the past, I have done more workouts and weight training during the winter months. Right now, I’m doing yoga. But you have reminded me to get back to the gym! 🙂

      • That’s awesome, I’ve always wanted to do yoga but haven’t made it happen yet.

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