No Turning Back Now

Yesterday I was reading about fitness online and stumbled upon the photo below. It’s of the Spartan Race in Times Square.


As I was reading about it I remembered, oh ya that was something I wanted to do this year. Today when I got home from work I registered for the event closest to me August 3rd In Washougal, Washington. It’s really awesome that it’s only an hour away from where I live. My spouse Hannah is very supportive and will be there to cheer me on and document the day. So now that I’ve signed up theres no turning back. I have roughly 7 months to train for the 4 mile obstacle course. The only information I know about these events is what they show on the website which isn’t much. I’m not quite sure what to expect so I will continue my routine of lifting & body pump but also add cardio into the mix. This is pretty scary but as someone who was never really involved in sports growing up, I was a band geek, I am looking forward to participating in my first athletic event. Let the training continue!!!!……tomorrow, today is my rest day 🙂

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10 comments on “No Turning Back Now
  1. jsresults says:

    I did the Spartan Race last summer and I’m already signed up for this May’s race in Massachusetts! They are soooo awesome!

  2. I did the sprint last year. Definitely doing it again!

  3. Holly J says:

    How did I not know about the one in Times Square?

  4. Great to have a goal to work towards! I love that you were a band geek. Do you still play an instrument?

    • I do still play instruments. In my closet is the same drum set I got in middle school. I also have my very first snare drum from elementary school. Every once in a while I take them out and play but not as often as I would like. On our honeymoon me and Hannah bought ukeleles which we have been trying out, it’s really fun. Were you in band by chance?

      • Hi, we don’t really have the same teaching approach in Australia as in the US, but yes, I was in band! I played cello in the school orchestra, I was a member of the madrigal choir and the big choir, and now, as a professional singer and teacher, I play piano and sing on a daily basis! Great to hear about your musical interests and it’s so nice to know that music and fitness are NOT mutually exclusive!

      • I did think that fitness and music were mutually exclusive when I was growing up. The sporty kids didn’t hang with the band kids. It feels really great to integrate both of my interests. That’s so awesome that your a professional singer. In college I did a little studio musician work as part of my audio classes and loved it.

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