What A Week

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to blog. I was kept super busy at work, continued my grad school application, and Hannah had a few photography clients. Through it all I did find time to work out, study fitness, and try new recipes. Today’s workout was especially sweet because I was able to increase my leg press weight to 340 pounds 🙂 and it felt so awesome. I also spent some time reevaluating my fitness goals. I would like to change my focus from building but to getting tone/ muscle definition. Do any of you have tips? I can feel muscle developing under my skin but I need to get rid of some fat for it to show through the way I want. This week I am adding an additional day of body pump to my regular routine, I’m a little nervous. There was one crisis I had last night. Hannah and I went out to a Chinese restaurant which are usually naturally vegan and gluten free. This particular restaurant had less than a handful of veggie options. We eventually decided on Buddhists Delight and pineapple fried rice. While we were looking over the menu I was very tempted to order meat. Luckily Hannah was so amazing and reminded me of why we made this lifestyle change. I’m so happy that I was able to stay strong.

Tonight we ate some delicious vegan burgers with grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato as well as baked potatoes. We didn’t use vegan cheese, still haven’t found one that we really like. The vegan burger was so delicious I didn’t miss meat at all. It’s strange, the patty didn’t taste like meat but had the heartiness and full flavor of a regular burger. I also looked up a gluten free vegan protein bar recipe and they are in the freezer right now hardening before I cut them into bars. Have a great start to the week everyone!



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13 comments on “What A Week
  1. sanumaria says:

    Burgers look good! And you have a Liebster-award at my blog 🙂

  2. Hannah sounds like a really supportive partner 🙂 You’re lucky. Let me know how the protein bar turns out. Also when it comes to cutting fat it really does come down to what and when you eat. Although I do think what you are doing right now seems to work fine as long as you are eating healthy, you are getting there slowly but surely! Have you been tracking your bodyfat? Has it been steadily going down? Any reason for the rush to get there faster?

    • I haven’t been tracking my body fat but I should. I’m not sure how to measure that. I don’t necessarily want to achieve my goal faster I’m just not positive I’m doing everything I can to achieve maximum results.

    • hes gone down a few pants sizes and belt notches.

      • Well ways to check bodyfat requires a) some skills or b) money spent. To get it for free I suggest just going to the personal trainers and ask to get it checked. They will do it for you but might bug you to get sessions from them. ALTHOUGH I won’t be too bothered by it since you are losing pant sizes according to Hannah. Just make sure that you get enough protein in your diet high to maintain your muscle mass while burning fat.

        I believe what is most important is that you have a workout regime and eating lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable. If you are talking about “doing everything” sometimes it ends up ruining the process. You may want to push yourself to go on a stricter diet to achieve maximum results but at the risk of making yourself sick of the food that you’re eating and end up craving junk. I’m not saying you can’t do that, some people lose 20lbs in 5 weeks, good for them! but I’m saying if you’re not in a rush I really do suggest you stay to what you’re doing since you are seeing results and if your weight loss hits a plateau then that’s the time you know you need to change it up.

        A good personal trainer would be able to advice you properly but that cost money of course but for now I think you are building excellent habits and should keep at it while reading up all you can online since knowledge would be your best friend. But learn to discern as there are many school of thoughts 🙂 All the best!

    • The protein bars turned out ok. I’m going to try a different recipe next time.

  3. jsresults says:

    Great job on the leg press and awesome meals!

  4. Colin DeWaay says:

    The building is what will tone you. The more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn naturally. It’s the always occurring thing, build muscle or burn fat. So difficult to do both at the same time. I’d say incorporate more high intensity weight training like circuit training to the mix if you want to try to do both.

  5. That does not look vegan at all. Drool.

  6. Holly J says:

    Those burgers look banging!!! Good luck with the grad app. I did one myself, got accepted, but don’t have the money to go, lol.

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