Weekend Update

Yesterday as always was my morning session of body pump which was great. This week was the kick off of a new version of body pump. It was quite challenging, the new moves were killer. One of the hardest moves for me was planking for forearms to hands.

On the food side of things my spouse has been going crazy in the kitchen experimenting with new gluten free vegan recipes. Here are some pictures of a few things we’ve eaten in the past few days. The pizza was a big hit and I really enjoyed the bagels but my spouse, Hannah, didn’t enjoy them as much.


This morning I did my regular lifting routine. I really enjoy going to the gym on sunday mornings, most of the people that are at my gym are downstairs in group classes. There is usually only a handfull of people upstairs in the main gym 🙂 I am posting my progress pictures for this week today since I won’t be able to blog tomorrow, me and hannah are going to a Lady Gaga concert tomorrow night. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Oh and Hannah also made some AWESOME Gluten free mostly Vegan PancakesImage

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9 comments on “Weekend Update
  1. Holly J says:

    I want the recipe to those pancakes!! Have fun at Lady Gaga!! She’s great in concert. Saw her back in 2010 and LOVED it!

  2. Yum, and yum! Way to keep it going!

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