Liebster Blog Award


First off I would like to thank Frida for nominating me for the Liebster blog award. This is really awesome. All this wonderful feedback really keeps me motivated.

The Liebster Blog Award has the following rules:

  1. Add the award icon into your blog
  2. Link to your nominator and say thank you.
  3. Post 11 random things about yourself.
  4. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers (and let them know).
  6. Post 11 new questions to the bloggers you nominate.

11 random things about me:

  1. I became vegan this week.
  2. I own only one workout outfit.
  3. I have been playing drums for over 15 years.
  4. I have my bachelors degree in Business & Audio Production.
  5. I am applying to a masters program this month.
  6. I have never vacationed outside the United States.
  7. I have lived in Olympia, WA most of my life.
  8. I got married this year.
  9. I bought a ukelele on my honeymoon.
  10. I love horror movies.
  11. Breakfast is my favorite meal.

My 11 answers:

  1. What do you like about your life? Everything!!! I have a wonderful spouse, got the first job I interviewed for after graduation, and get cool awards like this.
  2. Is there something you would change in your life? Yes, I wish I would have started getting serious about fitness earlier in my life.
  3. What’s your favourite hobby? Playing instruments: Drums & Ukelele
  4. Do you do sports? If yes, which ones? If no, why not? Currently I don’t but would like to. I was a band geek in high school.
  5. Have you ever stood on top of a mountain? Nope
  6. What’s your favourite food? Lasagne
  7. Have you ever called in a radio show? Yes but never won anything.
  8. Do you play any instrument? Yes, drums mostly.
  9. How many books do you own? 40ish
  10. Coffee or tea? Tea
  11. Which has been the kindest comment on your blog? The comment that informed me about this award.

My 11 questions:

  1. Where is your favorite destination?
  2. Favorite time of day?
  3. What make you happiest?
  4. What has been most positive part of your blogging experience so far?
  5. Favorite food?
  6. Favorite exercise?
  7. Can you juggle?
  8. Have you ever bungie jumped?
  9. Whats your secret or known talent?
  10. What was the last movie you saw? Did you like it?
  11. What is your favorite memory?

And here are my 11 nominees:












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