Arms Day!

Well tonight’s workout was all about arms and I must say it kicked my ass extra hard!!! I was lifting with increased weight since I pushed myself extra hard last workout and did the number of reps I needed to increase weight. This was super challenging especially lateral raises. Let me start off by saying I don’t lift very heavy on lateral raises compared to some people, last workout I was lifting 15 pounds. This workout I lifted 20 pounds, It was hard for me to do even 8 but I ended up doing 12. Maybe I increased me weight to early, any suggestions? So I made it through my workout and my arms are on fire, luckily tomorrow is a rest day. I have been working really hard the past 3 days in a row, legs-Tuesday, body pump last night, and arms tonight. Saturday morning body pump will be here before I know it 🙂

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2 comments on “Arms Day!
  1. Holly J says:

    I think the first time you ever increase always is challenging. I’d only lower the weight if you can’t keep your form solid. I worked my arms out yesterday. I want to have guns like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.

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