Progress Update

Tonight at the gym I had a super amazing workout, I felt at times like I was going to puke but pushed through 🙂 It was a pretty heavy arms day, I increased my weight on pretty much all my arm exercises, curling 25s now!

I don’t know about the gyms that everyone else goes to but my gym was DEAD tonight. I was one of 5 people working out, which probably means that the new years rush is starting to slow down. On one hand this makes me happy because there will be less competition for machines/ weights, on the other hand I’m sad that people aren’t going to continue becoming healthier.



Tonight was also our first vegan dinner which my wonderful spouse made. We had quinoa salad with garlic, onions & cucumbers made with veggie broth as well as asparagus, and banana bread. Everything was super delicious and I got way fuller than I thought I was going to. It was a little strange not having some form of meat with dinner but after this initial observation it wasn’t missed.


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6 comments on “Progress Update
  1. jsresults says:

    That food looks awesome and great job with the workout! Keep crushing it!

  2. Ed Gamester says:

    Nice progress, buddy – good to see you’re sticking at it! The sudden hush at the gym is strange, isn’t it? It is as if everybody signs up at once, pops down a few times and then realises that a) they don’t know what they’re doing b) they don’t want to make time to learn and c) they’re not as bothered by their physical shape and fitness as they thought.

    Still, more room for the rest of us, eh?

  3. ufancy says:

    quinoa is so good for you too! Does your spouse have a blog? I think it’s awesome you guys are so supportive & taking this journey together.

  4. misselletea says:

    I drooled over the pictures of your dinner on your GF’s blog. I couldnt comment on it for some reason, I think because I’m not on Tumblr. It does look yummy 🙂

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