Lifestyle Change

For a little while now me and my spouse have been contemplating a major lifestyle change. We’re considering changing to a vegan lifestyle. All of our research has led us to believe that this would be the healthiest choice for us. At first I was concerned about this changes effect on my fitness goals but soon discovered that there is quite a large vegan fitness/bodybuilding community 🙂 This should be my last week of meat. If any of you are vegan or vegetarian and have any tips they would be greatly appreciated. Being gluten free as well as vegan will probably be a challenge at first but I’m excited!

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7 comments on “Lifestyle Change
  1. Jenny says:

    That’s awesome! It really helps if you and your spouse eat the same meals! I would love to go vegan, but my kid and boyfriend….no way! I already waste too many veggies because they won’t help me eat them =( It would suck having to make 3 seriously different meals! My gluten free diet is not too different, as I still eat meat and some other random things like pasta that can be substituted with rice pasta!
    Good luck! Look forward to reading about how you both incorporate this into your life!

  2. Sounds painful! I don’t think I could ever give up meat, because I barely eat anything as it is. Not like I am some meat-lover, necessarily. I just can’t give up the options!

  3. If you and your spouse both are doing it, it can really help as a source of motivation for each other! Keep us updated!

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