Getting The Hang of Things

This morning I had a great workout going through my regular lifting routine. Since starting to attend bodypump classes I have been struggling to make and keep to a schedule of class and regular lifting. I finally have it figured out!!!!!! Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday will be lifting days. Wednesday and Saturdays will be bodypump. I’m thinking about adding some kind of yoga class into my week soon but for right now I feel challenged with what im already doing. It felt pretty incredible to be back in the weight room after the past week being sick. I felt so great that I was able to do a ab set of 20 in the captain’s chair, a new record for me 🙂 This means Tuesday im upping my ab set to 25! Tomorrow is a rest day 🙂

While I was shopping tonight I found some granola that I’m very excited about. It’s mixed with berries and also gluten-free. If I havent mentioned it before, yogurt is part of my lunches on most day so granola will be a welcome addition. Il let you know if its good. Hope everyone has a great end/ start of the week.


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3 comments on “Getting The Hang of Things
  1. jsresults says:

    Awesome job and nice work setting up that schedule! Keep getting it!

  2. j! ayson says:

    I found when I did Insanity workouts, it took time to figure out what my weight lifting schedule would look like. Awesome that you worked out your schedule and may be adding a yoga class in the future! Definitely let us know how the granola is, always looking for healthy and delicious snack options.

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