Last day of Personal Training + Gluten Free Burgers

Today is a 2 for 1 post! This evening I had the final training session of the 6 session package I purchased ūüė¶ It’s a little sad, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. The gym is no longer a mystery, my trainer gave the knowledge, confidence, and a plan to continue using the gym in my fitness journey. I have a 3 day lifting plan in addition to my cardio days. That brings my weekly workout plan to monday lifting, wednesday bodypump, friday lifting, saturday spinning class. Over the next few weeks I would like to incorporate more cardio into that but I¬†believe¬†my base plan is solid. The plan my trainer worked out with me should last a few months or more. A few times a year I would like to check in with a trainer to give me advice on my routine. Overall personal training was a¬†wonderful¬†experience.

Part two. Tonight I cooked burgers for me and my spouse. We tried a new brand of gluten free buns and were never going back to udi’s. The brand is Canyon Bakehouse, we found it at our local co op but haven’t seen it anywhere else. For those of you with¬†allergies¬†this is the way to go, its gluten, soy, and dairy free. These were by far the most gluten like buns, we couldn’t tell the difference at all.

IMG_0696   IMG_0698

As always below I am going to post my weekly update pictures. Since I started this blog I have been using my webcam to take my pictures. This week my spouse was really nice and took pictures with her sweet camera. The road ahead is still pretty long but I feel much more confident with my body and ability to reach my fitness goals. I hope everyone’s fitness goals are being met and you are able to get through the holiday season without indulging too much ūüėČ

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One comment on “Last day of Personal Training + Gluten Free Burgers
  1. I would like to look for those buns. Think I have an issue with Gluten…will find out soon. Thanks for this post.

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