Arm Definition

My spouse was looking at me today and mentioned that she noticed my arms were looking different. I couldn’t see a huge change but some definition is appearing, which makes me happy. My weekly progress photos are very general and don’t really show my arms so I think starting to track this progress will be a positive addition to my check ins. This past week, my trainer added dumbbell exercises to my routine which hasn’t been the case in the past. Dumbbell  free weights seemed very intimidating to me since the people who I see using them tend to be HUGE and I had no idea how to begin. Now that I am starting to learn proper lifting form it’s a lot less scary. Has anyone else felt intimidated by free weights? Here’s a picture from today.

Arm Dec 8.2012

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2 comments on “Arm Definition
  1. Dude. You have a solid base. Those arms are gonna be beastly huge. Good luck with your workouts and diet.

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