Week After Turkey Day

Tonight I worked out for the first time since Thanksgiving day. i’m not going to lie, I did indulge in delicious food but nowhere near as much as in previous years. Todays workout also included adding weight to my strength training routine. I can feel that I’m becoming stronger, adding weight was challenging but manageable. Despite the brief break from the gym, i’m going to go ahead and post this weeks progress pics. Not sure if you can see much difference but I can totally feel a strong change and difference within myself.

On a side note, my first gluten free thanksgiving was a huge success. My spouse and I were able to eat almost everything at the table and the things that contained gluten I didn’t miss(dinner rolls). I used to view being gluten free as a crutch but it’s not. I can eat a gluten free/ healthier version of anything I want. Recreating wheat texture and taste is not the way to do it, the various nut flowers I use are wonderful, embrace the new taste. That new attitude has helped me get through times when I craved wheat treats.

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