Six Am

So today my first cycling class of the week. Today marks the third week that I started attending cycling classes at my gym. The gym I work out at offers cycling classes 3 days a week for about an hour. The instructor is very motivating/ challenging but it has become an experience I look forward to every few days. Each time I push myself a little more and always come out of the class swimming in sweat. Aside from the challenges within the class one of the biggest challenges is getting to the class and out of bed. In order to make it in time for class I have to wake up at 5:30 which is pretty early for me. I’m not goi to lie sometimes I think about going back to sleep but have yet to give in to that idea, YES! In the short time I have been cycling I have felt a big difference in my legs, i can feel them getting stronger and tighter each day. Has anyone else tried cycling? It’s surprisingly fun but I’m obviously the most out of shape person in the class. After class Thursday most of the class is doing a 4 mile race in our town. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet but will work up to it.

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2 comments on “Six Am
  1. hififi says:

    Early exercise is amazing psychologically! Hubby likes cycling, I used to spin, maybe shud again, we plan to cycle more in summer to get generally active in our new lifestyle
    🙂 xx

    • Me and my wife are working towards a generally more active lifestyle, it’s difficult to go outside in these pacific northwest springs (soooo much rain). In the summer I think we will get bikes.

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