The Journey Begins

Hello everyone,

I have been working our for about a month and a half now but I decided to document my progress/ struggles along the way. For the majority of my 22 years I have been overweight, throughout the years I have started and gave up on multiple health and fitness attempts. A few months ago I graduated from college, got married, and started my first post college job. Finding myself at the heaviest I have been in my life and falling into a sedentary lifestyle I decided that It was time that I take my health seriously.

I started small by working out at home using the Insanity video series. This was surprisingly channeling and helped by build up my endurance and upper body strength. That was all my fitness regime included until 2 weeks ago. My spouse and I joined our local gym which offers a variety of group fitness classes as well as affordable personal training. We have been going twice a week to cycling classes at 6 am (early!!!!). In addition to this I had an introductory session with a trainer and she helped me develop a 5 day a week lifting/ cardio plan. This experience was really inspiring and helpful so I will get more session next month 🙂 (EXCITED).

This brings me to the part of my fitness journey that is a little unique. I have a gluten intolerance which means I cannot eat anything containing wheat or barley. This is a challenge and help because wheat is in most processed food, so I can’t eat most foods easily pre made in a box. Luckily my wonderful spouse is willing to make the change to a gluten free lifestyle with me and experiment in the kitchen. I hope this blog will connect me with other people working to improve their own health or making the switch to gluten free eating.

Since I have already started working out for a while I am going to post pictures of before I started as well as my progress today. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Heres the picture i took 1.5 months ago before I started working out and watching what I eat.


This is me as of today.




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3 comments on “The Journey Begins
  1. wartica says:

    Good job on getting up and getting active! Once I got rid of all processed products–gluten and wheat being two of things I started to avoid–all my skin issues dissipated; it took a couple months , but it was all worth it! Keep up the great work, and train hard:)

  2. hififi says:

    Hubby is suffering with various allergic reactions at mo, and whilst not gluten intolerant, luckily, we are avoiding wheat on a day-2-day basis as much as poss
    🙂 xx

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